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На данном ресурсе нашего блога вы можете найти информацию для самостоятельного ремонта стиральных машин, холодильников, посудомоечных машин и телевизоров и другой бытовой техники.

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Brief description
The customer asked to fix the problem of the refrigerator, as it stopped freezing properly. After that, our specialist went to his house, made a diagnosis, and offered several solutions to the problem. The repair took only 4 hours, after which the customer was issued a warranty check.
I want to say a huge thank you to specialist Jim for the work done. I am very happy!
Repair time
2 hours
Location of client
Type of work
Price for everything
Executed work
After free delivery of the new spare part, the specialist started installing it, which took only 4 hours. After that, Jim consulted the client about recommendations for preventing breakdowns. She was very happy, because now her Nova refrigerator is working as before.

Breakdown analysis

We will contact you within 10 minutes and listen to your problem.

Departure of master

Our specialist will come to you and make a detailed diagnosis.

Performing repairs

The master will perform the necessary repairs in your home.

Issuing a guarantee

After the repair is completed, you will receive a 3-year warranty.

Get free diagnostics right at your home!

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